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Welcome to the UCCian Chronicles! this is your story!

submit your story to us about your memories of UCC, about the graduation day, your thoughts after graduating.the feeling after . The joys you have when your with your Friends.The angry teacher the hated guards Etc. Remember! Any topic under the sun as long it is connected with UCC.The love you found at UCC.

You can e-mail your story to with the subject "Hey,Its My Story"

or post on UCCtambayan with the same subject, and as soon as I read it your story will be published.What are you waiting for?

This is the Format

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Your Story:______________________________
_____________ . (100 words or more)

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juxx20 (ur username/realname)
BSIE 4B Batch 2006! (batch/course/section)
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This site is set to launch this coming October 21,2007
The same day the UCCtambayan started back in 2002.
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